We will create a supportive and inclusive space - and ensure that every aspect of our culture and our interaction model promotes inclusivity.

<aside> 🌲 While this will manifest in larger and more formal decisions, such as our commitment to diverse hiring practices, we will also be mindful of the smaller and more implicit aspects of our culture that feed into inclusivity - for example, we will ensure that team events are centered around activities other than alcohol.


Customers First.

Our customers are clinics and patients. They are our first priority.

<aside> 🌲 We will serve our customers over the interests of other stakeholders.


Grow Together.

We are invested in each others' growth. We will bring a culture of compassionate transparency for positive growth and accountability.

<aside> 🌲 Feedback should be taken with the mindset of this positive growth, instead of defensiveness; in return, the teammate should bring feedback with a solution-oriented mindset to help the other problem solve together.


Results over work.

We will index on the results that the team brings, not the amount of effort put in. We will be clear about what the results should be — up front and transparent — to hold each other accountable for accomplishing our goals.

<aside> 🌲 At Juniper, we want to build a sustainable culture where our teammates feel like they can grow without burning out. This means that while we love folks that are passionate about the work they do, we'll never expect people to burn the midnight oil at the expense of their mental or physical health.


<aside> 🌲 Do these values resonate with you? Interested in learning more? Check out Juniper Careers.